The TRP Bridal            Experience

for the wildly in-love

if you've made it this far, you must be getting married, so congrats, friend!! Marriage is one of the most sacred covenant's between you, your partner, + Jesus + I want to capture every moment of your dreamy day. Whether you're into an adventure elopement on the side of a mountain, a small ceremony with family + friends on the beach, or you want an extravagant day at a fancy venue, I'm here for you! It is the absolute joy of my life to capture the love between two souls in the season of engagement into marriage. I want you to have the day you've been dreaming of your whole life, a day that fits you to a tee + a day that you'll remember forever. I'm here to serve you intentionally throughout the process of engagement + love on you + serve you well on your big day! Because it's YOUR day + it's YOU vowing your love to your partner in front of everyone you love. it's a day full of profound moments + the celebration of YOUR love. 

I want to capture the essence of beauty in your wedding day, the raw + intimate moments + the silly ones too - when your dad sees you in your dress for the first time + cries, the shock + joy on your bridesmaids' faces as you tie the knot, the first kiss you share as a married couple, the dancing, the joy, the laughter, the tears. I'm here to capture every beautiful + authentic moment in a way that is timeless + that you will look back on and enjoy for the rest of your lives, friend! 

Remember this, nothing compares to the beauty of going into covenant with your husband. Not the dress alterations, or the catering, or the need to please your friends + family with the plans you make for your wedding day. Nothing compares to the moment you two become one. I'm here to highlight your covenant + make sure that first + foremost, the celebration of your covenant is celebrated with all the intimate + raw details. Through whatever you decide best fits you for your wedding day, whether it be a destination elopement in the desert, or maybe at the coffee shop you met at, or a big white church wedding, I'm here to serve you. I'm here to make sure you feel beautiful + loved + understood. I am here to pray for you + champion you into marriage because you + your marriage are so important to me.  

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Your experience as a          TR bride

The Tanner Reuss bridal experience is something that I've worked on so much in my last year of business + it is my hope that I serve all my brides well during this process. Here is a glimpse of what you'll experience as a member of the TRP family ::

let's do this, friend!

B o o k  M e! 

Are you ready to inquire + book me for your dream day?! Head to the book me tab, fill out the questionnaire giving me all the deets about your wedding + what you're envisioning for your special day!

W h a t ' s  N e x t?

what's next you ask? once you book me for our dreamy special day, I will mark your date on my calendar + will plan the most fun engagement session ever! Each one of my wedding packages comes with a complimentary engagement session so that we can get together + celebrate your love right off the bat. So, whether you'd like to do your session on the side of a mountain or in the coffee shop you + your hubs have regular dates at, we're gonna have a blast!! 

C h e c k i n g  I n ::

during the process of wedding planning, I'm here for you! I will check in weekly with you because I seriously wan to build community + relationship with you + be your forever friend. Whether it's coffee dates or zoom, I'm for you + would love to help ease any part of planning your wedding that I can for you!

Y o u r  B i g  D a y ::

friend! your wedding day has finally arrived + we are going to have so much fun together! All your plans have fallen into place + you get to marry your very best friend. After all the hype of your day dies down, you'll be wondering when to expect to see your pictures. You will receive sneak peek images of your big day 48 hours after your wedding! 

Y o u r  w e d d i n g  I m a g e s ::

You will receive your sneak peek images 48 hours after your wedding, as stated above. Your wedding gallery will be complete + you will receive the remainder of your images in approximately 4-6 weeks. 

A Final Note from T ::

After the wedding is over + you've received all your images, please know I'm seriously cheering you on in all your seasons of life. We are NOW forever friends + I am cheering you on in all you do. I'm here for you always! Whether it's the need for a coffee date + girl talk, Mexican food + margs or you'd like me to capture all your seasons of life with your honey on film. I'm here, friend + I love you!