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The one Where Tanner

became my best friend

if you got my Friend's reference I love you forever. 

FIRST + FOREMOST! if you're here, that means you are a dang good photographer or business owner! + I mean that from the bottom of my heart. All it takes to be good in a creative field or just owning a small business, is a willingness to learn + perfect your craft + if you're reading this, that's what you have, my friend! 
In my first three months of business I had no idea what I was doing, how to use Lightroom, what camera to buy, what the heck an LLC was or how to do taxes as a business owner. I also had NO freaking idea that I didn't have an editing style or what it even meant to have an editing style. So, maybe you're like me, or maybe you're not. Maybe you're great at what you do but need some new content or inspiration, I can help you with that too, friend! Wherever you need help, I'm here for you! I want to leave you encouraged + inspired + full of new knowledge + skills that you can hone in on in your business + perfect your craft with. I want to see you succeed + I am forever cheering you on! 

So, whether you're a photographer, videographer, graphic designer, or some other type of business owner or creative, I'm here for you! 

                                       LET'S DO THIS THANG!! 


What I  Offer

The Ultimate Experience

are you ready to have the freakin' best day ever?! the ultimate experience mentorship package includes alll day with me. We will start by meeting for lunch or coffee + talking all things life related, then we will get down to business! I will ask you to prepare + send 10-15 questions for me ahead of time + I will prepare a detailed document for you, as well as go over all of my answers with you while we are enjoying our meal or sweet treat. Then, we will have a styled shoot, where you can watch me pose + style clients + you can ask me anything under the sun about session etiquette. 

The Editing Suite 

the editing suite mentorship package is for anyone who feels stuck in their editing processes! whether it's finding out your style or what to do in Lightroom, I'm your gal!! This will be approximately an hour to an hour and a half in time + will take place over zoom or a coffee date!

The Marketing Masterclass

The marketing masterclass is for the creative that is struggling to book the amount of clients that they want or who doesn't know where to start in the world of online marketing. For this zoom or coffee date, I will pour into you all the knowledge I've gained about marketing yourself as a small business owner. 

I'm here for you, friend + I want to invest in YOU as an individual + a business owner. No matter your creative field, I'm here to champion you + love you wherever you're at!